Why B2B Companies Should Embrace Cold Email Camp; Outreach

Written by Arti Ymeraga

Cold emails can be used for a variety of different reasons, and they are used to get your foot in the door with people you are trying to connect with for the first time.

When cold emails are done right, they will unlock the door and give you the opportunity that you’re looking for.

But first, you need to understand the difference between good cold emails and bad cold emails.

Once you understand how to make your emails stand out, let’s look at how we can use them.

1. Finding New Clients

Cold emails are most commonly used to make the first connection with a list of potential clients.

The problem is that a lot of business owners and decision-makers receive hundreds of emails every single week, especially cold emails, and they all seem to have the same generic message.

A good cold email to prospects shares what your motives are, it provides valuable information or a solution to their problem, shows you did your research on your reader, and ends with a compelling Call-To-Action.

2. Finding Investors

The key to success for potential investors shows that you have done your homework on them too. For example, they could have invested in a product that yours can compliment, so you can shape your message around that.

Your email should also decrease any fear or risk involved with them hopping on the phone with you while increasing the perceived likelihood of your product being successful with their help.

Again, this type of email should finish with a Call-To-Action for them to book a call with you where you can discuss the details further.

All in all, cold emails are a great way to raise money for your startup.

3. Getting Featured On Podcasts

If you’re able to get featured on a podcast, it’s a brilliant way to increase the awareness of your brand. 

And a great way to get featured is by cold emailing podcast hosts.

The main point of the first email to podcast creators, like all other types of cold email, is to build the relationship.

They aren’t going to say yes or no straight away – so your email should be personal to them and lead to a meeting where you can share the value you can bring to their show.

4. Connecting With Influencers

Influencers on social media are bombarded with direct messages, emails, and other types of promotional messages every single day.

They rarely respond because most of the messages they receive lack any real context.

So your one goal with a cold email to influencers is to make it personal and to build the relationship.

Give them a compliment on their work, tell them why you’re emailing them, share your value, and then ask them if they’re free to have a call with you.

5. Finding Partnerships For Your Brand

The main goal any business person is looking to achieve is brand growth.

A fantastic way to grow your brand is by expanding your network and connecting with other people or businesses that complement your company. So again, it’s important to do your research on the right people that could help you grow.

The key thing to remember with this type of cold email is how can you make it so that it motivates and excites them to come and work with you?

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