The Customer

Convertcart helps eCommerce stores increase revenue. They not only offers tools for increasing revenue but their service comes with a dedicated account & success manager that works with you 1-on-1 to help grow your sales.

The Challenge

Convertcart was getting a lot of unqualified leads. Because they are a large enterprise working with more than 500+ eCommerce stores, everyone was asking for meetings & demos to increase sales for their stores.

The Solution

  1. The beauty of cold email outreach is that you target and reach out to only people who fit your ideal client profile.
  2. For all of our clients, we send them a form to fill out and have a onboarding call to learn more about what they sell and who buys it. We did the same for Convertcart.

The Payoff

  1. Within a week we reached out to 989 people who buy what Convertcart sells. Only people that fit their ideal client profile.
  2. Generate a total of 56 replies.
  3. Created 14 Opportunites within 7 days of the Cold Email Campaign and we’ve just started!
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