The Customer

KUDO Accounting builds offshore teams In Kosovo For Accounting & Bookkeeping Companies In the United States & The United Kingdom.

The Challenge

The Company was relying on attending international fairs to acquire clients. Even though this way has its advantages, the bad ones were overpowering the good ones. They were not able to qualify prospects because of international fair dynamics and they were not able to gather specific data, to use later down the line for improvement and comparison.
The competition in the outsourcing industry is tough, so even after thousands of dollars were spent on paid ads, the desired results were not generated.

The Solution

  1. Build a Reliable, Predictable, and Consistent Client Acquisition Machine through Cold Email Outreach.
  2. Generate a list of leads who match KUDO Accounting’s ideal client profile.
  3. Reach out to them by writing personalized cold emails with the goal of providing value and booking meetings for what KUDO Accounting has to sell.

The Payoff

  1. Reach out to 2955 Prospects.
  2. 18 Meetings Booked for KUDO Accounting, with people who buy what they sell within 8 weeks.
  3. 6 New Clients signed, valued at $32000 per Client.
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