The Customer

Practice Marketing helps Attorneys, Accountants, Financial Advisors, and Real Estate Professiona grow their brand & sales by creating podcasts..

The Challenge

Vikram, the founder of Practice Marketing, was relying only on referrals to get clients. This proved to be inconsistent and unpredictable for acquiring new clients for his business. He reached out to us to change this.

The Solution

  1. Cold Email Outreach targeting Attorneys in the US who are not currently using podcasts for their marketing
  2. Write personalized emails to how podcasts could help a specific Attorney in their industry and using the case studies Vikram had as social proof to book meetings.

The Payoff

  1. Reach out to 4499 Attorneys in the US.
  2. Generate a total of 175 Replies.
  3. Created 12 Opportunites within 4 weeks of the Cold Email Campaing
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