The Only Cold Email KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Written by Arti Ymeraga

There are a lot of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics, and data you can track when sending cold emails.

But your main focus should be on increasing the percentage of people who take action on whatever it is you’re trying to promote.

With that being said, here are the main cold email KPIs you should keep track of.  


Bad deliverability is the main reason why a lot of your emails are landing in the spam folder. This also does some damage to your email account and domain reputation.

It’s a good idea to make sure that you’re targeting the correct group of people in the industry and ensuring that the email addresses you’re sending to are actually verified.

You can find tools all across the internet to help you clean and validate your list of contacts.

Open Rate

It’s difficult to say what a good open rate generally is because it all depends on your industry, the size of your list, and what you’re looking to achieve. 

If you’re starting out with a small list – 100 to 300 emails, for example – then you should be looking to ideally achieve an open rate of over 60%.

But if your email just isn’t getting opened then it could be down to deliverability issues, or in a lot of cases, a bad subject line.

Here are a few good subject line examples;


Hey {Name} – are you free this week?

{Name}, looking forward to seeing you at {Event}! 

{Name}, quick question regarding {Specific Topic}

Response Rate

If the goal of your cold email campaign is to book more meetings, or just build relationships in general, then you’ll be looking for this KPI to be one of your top-performing ones.

A lot of responses to campaigns will mainly be about your service, your pricing structure, or the best time to speak with you. 

It’s also important for you to respond to these messages as soon as possible in order to increase the likelihood of achieving your end result.

Click Rate

If the goal of your campaign is to send your prospects away from the email to a PDF, web link, or calendar link – this is the KPI you should be looking to focus on.

For your reader to click straight through to a link that you’ve sent to them on the first email, your target audience research has to be very good, and your copywriting needs to resonate with them.

And that’s why you should always be following up with your list!

It’s also a good idea to add one link only to your first email. You don’t want to overwhelm your reader, and moreover, you don’t want to harm the deliverability of your emails.

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