The Customer

Tretri is a Digital Agency that specializes in SEO and Marketing.

The Challenge

Tretri had no budget available for Client Acquisition. They started their Agency by acquiring Local Clients through word of mouth and referrals. Their goal was to get Clients mainly in the US, because of the country’s purchasing power so they could sell high-ticket services. 
Because of high advertising costs, they tried cold calling but failed.
Tretri was desperately looking for a way to bring High-paying clients.

The Solution

  1. Cold Email Outreach is the cheapest form of Acquiring Clients which fits Tretri’s needs.
  2. Generate a list of leads within Tretri’s budget to do Cold Email Outreach.
  3. Reach out to Companies in the US for SEO services by sharing some of Tretri’s current work and offering free SEO Audit for the Potential Client as a CTA, to provide personalized value before selling.

The Payoff

  1. Reach out to 1776 Prospects.
  2. 37 Meetings Booked for Tretri, with people who buy what they sell.
  3. 8 New Clients signed, valued at 4000.00 USD monthly per client.
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